All the teaching materials you will need for each of the Primary Palliative Care Education Modules can be found here.  Each module contains: A powerpoint to structure your teaching with brief teaching notes, a high-level Facilitator Guide, and any additional resources (e.g. videos and handouts) you will need.

Please remember: 

  • The modules are intended to be taught in small groups of interprofessional learners and designed to be interactive. 

  • The modules can be adapted to your learner group --- you can add and remove slides and activities as well as adjust the cases to meet the needs and interests of your learners.


Module 1: Introduction to Palliative Care
Module 2: Psychosocial Care
Module 3: Spiritual and Cultural Care
Module 4: Serious Illness Communication (Part 1)
Module 5: Serious Illness Communication (Part 2)
Module 6: Pain Management
Module 7: Symptom Management
Module 8: Advance Care Planning
Module 9: Care Near the End of Life