Surveys we designed for the curriculum can be found here. If you’d like, you can model your course’s surveys after them, using an electronic survey tool or paper survey.

Learner Group Intake Survey

This survey can be used to assess the needs and interests of your learners as you construct a course.  The survey collects contact information, learner group information including clinical setting, learner disciplines, current palliative care skills and priorities, and time constraints.

Download Survey

Pre- and Post- Module Surveys

This document guides you through what questions to ask in pre- and post- surveys for each of the nine modules.  You can pick and choose which of the surveys to send depending on which of the nine modules you decide to teach.  The surveys can be adapted to an electronic format or turned into a paper survey.

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Final Evaluation Survey

This survey can be adapted to an electronic format or completed on paper.  It should be distributed to learners at the official end of the course to gather summative information regarding the course to use to demonstrate the course’s value and guide your quality improvement and teaching efforts.  If you only teach one of the modules, we would recommend relying solely one the pre- and post- module surveys and not sending this final evaluation survey.

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