In addition to our world-class clinical training, interprofessional didactics, and commitment to diversity and resiliency, our program is uniquely rich in resources. This allows fellows to tailor their experience to better suit their own interests and goals.

Global Health

In partnership with Harvard and Tulane, we are currently piloting a Global Palliative Education Collaborative, which includes:

  • A one-month clinical elective overseas precepted by local palliative care practitioners
  • Mentorship in Global Palliative Care provided by experienced Global Health Faculty
  • A series of pre-briefing, debriefing, and didactic virtual meetings across all three institutions
  • Access to the resources of existing Global Health programs at UCSF

Fellows who desire more extensive training can also streamline application to either of two 2-year Global Health fellowships based at UCSF: HEAL and the Masters in Global Health.

Specialty Tracks

In addition to our five (5) categorical adult fellowship positions, we offer one (1) position in our two-year Integrated Geriatrics-Palliative Care program and one (1) position in our Pediatric Hospice and Palliative Medicine Fellowship.

Advisor Program

In a one-year fellowship, fellows must almost immediately focus on long-term goals such as career and longitudinal projects. Ideally, job goals align with and are enhanced by electives as well as required scholarly and QI projects. Our advisor program matches each incoming fellow with a faculty advisor to help navigate these aspects of the curriculum and find his or her way around the UCSF system.

Access to remarkable clinicians provided the unique opportunity to grow as a bedside physician and as a leader to improve our healthcare system.

Dr. Josh Lakin ‘13


American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine (AAHPM)

Our fellows attend the AAHPM Annual Assembly, which takes place in February or March. To facilitate their attendance, conference and travel time is protected and our program reimburses expenses.

Scholarly Project

With the many projects taking place at UCSF, we provide the space for fellows to be involved in a project of their choosing. We hold a forum for UCSF faculty to present their current projects to allow for fellows to fully understand the scope and responsibilities.