Palliative care aims to maximize quality of life and provide an extra layer of support to patients with serious illness and their families. The research core of the Division of Palliative Medicine advances this mission through rigorous research, quality improvement initiatives, scholarship and education.

Core domains of our research include:

Evaluating Interdisciplinary Palliative Care Interventions

This body of work focusses on evaluating palliative care interventions to understand how best to provide this care and the impact of care on patients and their families. Communication about advance care planning and goals of care is a critical aspect of palliative care interventions and have been a key feature of the research in this area.

Improving Hospital-Based Palliative Care

We study and articulate the evolution of palliative care teams, their structure and processes of care, the barriers to starting such teams, and strategies for overcoming them to promote wider availability of palliative care services.

Improving Quality of Palliative Care

One of our division's key initiates has been the establishment of the Palliative Care Quality Network (PCQN). The PCQN is a nationwide network of palliative care teams that collect a common core set of data on each patient that includes patient level outcomes and using these data to establish benchmarks, define best practices and drive quality improvement.  Research to date has examined symptom severity, processes of care, and treatment outcomes of patients referred for palliative care.

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