Dear Division of Palliative Medicine (DPM),

Angela MarksAfter conducting a national search, I am thrilled to announce that Angela Marks, MSEd has accepted our offer to serve as the Division Manager for the DPM. Angela received a BA in History at the University of Pennsylvania and then earned her MSEd in Psychological Services also at the University of Pennsylvania. Angela came to UCSF in 2007 to join the Health Force Center where she led research, evaluation, and training initiatives aimed at developing the health care workforce and improving systems of health care. Over eight years at the Center, Angela rose to the role of Senior Manager. We were extremely fortunate to recruit Angela to join the Palliative Care Program in 2015 as the Deputy Director of the Palliative Care Quality Network (PCQN). Angela has been a tremendous partner in leading the PCQN. She has brought a high level of strategic thinking, organization, customer service, and leadership to the PCQN. She has helped to sharpen, focus and improve every aspect of the PCQN and has led tremendous growth in membership during her tenure. 

Angela has been serving as the Interim Divisional Manager for DPM and has been invaluable in helping establish the budget and financial foundation for the DPM.. In addition to serving as our Division Manager, Angela will maintain her role as Deputy Director of PCQN- albeit in a more limited capacity- and we will be hiring someone to support the many aspects of the PCQN that Angela currently oversees. 

I want to thank Wendy, Tom, Denah, Kara and Mike for serving on the Division Manager Search committee. 

With Angela’s many skills and talents in leadership, strategic planning, communication, and organization I am confident that she will help guide the DPM on the road to success in all of our missions. 

Please join me in welcoming Angela to her new role.




Steve Pantilat,
Chief of Palliative Medicine